Emergency treatment

Emergency Care

When someone you love needs emergency care, minutes make all the difference. At UVA Culpeper Hospital, we understand the importance of an Emergency Department close to home that you can trust. We are your family, friends, and neighbors, and the well-being of you and your loved ones is what matters most to us. We are dedicated to providing high-quality emergency care and short wait times in a warm and compassionate environment.

Serving Culpeper, Madison, Orange, Rappahannock, and Fauquier counties, our Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide fast and efficient care for all types of emergencies — both large and small.

Fast Track Emergency Care

Our fast track area offers short wait times for patients with emergencies caused by minor illnesses and injuries. The fast track area is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

World-Class Emergency Care in Culpeper

Through our partnership with University of Virginia (UVA) Health System, our community hospital has access to the innovative technology and expertise of a world-class healthcare facility. This makes the services and specialties we offer exceptional for a hospital of our size. In our Emergency Department, we have partnered with UVA Health System on lifesaving programs for two of the deadliest conditions in the United States: heart attack and stroke.

For patients experiencing a major heart attack, we have a protocol in place, known as Project UPSTART, to quickly identify the best course of action. Patients having a heart attack may be treated with clot-busting drugs at UVA Culpeper Hospital or flown to UVA Health System for cardiac catheterization. Either way, our staff will ensure the patient receives the best possible care. 

Every second counts to recover from a stroke, which is why we worked with UVA Health System to bring the Stroke Telemedicine and Tele-Education (STAT) program to Culpeper. Through a secure telemedicine link, UVA Health System's stroke neurologists can examine patients in Culpeper right at the bedside and consult on their care. Very few hospitals, even large ones, have access to neurologists specializing in stroke care. With their advice and expertise readily available, we are able to provide world-class stroke care right in Culpeper.

These highly effective programs represent just two of the many ways our Emergency Department is striving to provide the highest quality care to you, your family, and our community.

Emergency Care for Madison, Orange, Fauquier and Rappahannock

Culpeper's Emergency Department is just a short drive from Madison, Orange, Fauquier and Rappahannock, Va.

Emergencies do require quick care, and with our short wait times, in many cases it's worth traveling to Culpeper to take advantage of the expert services we provide.

In an emergency, call 911. Do not drive yourself to the hospital.

Growing to Meet Your Needs

To better meet the needs of our growing population, we are renovating and more than doubling the size of our Emergency Department.

During construction, we will remain open 24/7 and are fully equipped to meet your emergency needs. We are confident that the care and services you receive from us will not be diminished in any way during this transition.

We'll add new updates below as the project progresses:

Contact Us

To reach the UVA Culpeper Hospital Emergency Department, call (540) 829-4189. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911.

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